A Christmas Card

Dear Ms Weinshenker,

I'm very sorry to communicate you that our business needs has stealed away your husband's presence from your children this holiday.

I beg your pardon.

Please accept this gift as a token of my apology and appreciation. I hope it will helps your sons to keep in touch with their father.

Season Greetings,
Alphonse G. Capone.
In a nicely wrapped box, an marvelous crafted Ouija stands.

Merry Christmas.


Nemo me impune lacessit


My rest is over. It's time to fight for whom I love.

"No-one provokes me with impunity"


Those damned Humans...

Those damned Humans...
The crazy ones are right more often than the sane ones.
Angel Araquel, the Death-Bringer
The Books of Magic, book 7
This explains so much...


Matrix Rebooted: The Trinity's Choice

This time, it's Trinity who's facing her destiny.

_ Greetings, Miss Trinity. I am the Architect and this is the Source. Welcome.

Trinity stares at Architect's eyes, and remains silent...

_ I hope I don't need to discourse, again, about the Causality and the inevitabilty of what's going to happen due my actions. I expect your understanding of the consequences of your decisions.

Trinity's voice is heard by the first time:

_ The Cause and Effect relationship is all that concerns me by now...

_ Good. One is going to die soon, and who is a decision I leave to you. These are the options I let you have:

_ You can leave using the left door if you intent to save who you love, or...

_ You can leave using the right door if you intent to save your butt...

_ You shall decide now.

Trinity, still staring at the Architect's eyes, smiles...

_ You see... It happens that I love my butt, and I'm planning to stay here for a while. Choose yourself one of the yours damned doors: I will not submit myself to options other than my own's. Do you play chess??

Blue Pill?? Red Pill?? I took them both!!!

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Waking Life

Sanity is a madness put to good uses; waking life is a dream controlled.


I feel my feelings blurred. Confortably Numb, I am.

It's almost 4 years since my last awakening, but I'm still sleepy.

Too much I had lost on dreamming, but even more I did in my awakening.

And I miss that Rose in my dreams (where my Angels used to live - but no more...).